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The first "Bill Moran Knife of the Month" is from the cover of our Foundations Book “Forever a Legend”, and pictures a European Quillon Dagger.   This particular dagger comes with an interesting story.   In the mid 1980’s, Bill Moran was invited to Vallorbe, Switzerland to a Restoration Event of a 14th Century Museum and also to teach a bladesmithing class to eight students.  Thirty years later Jay Hendrickson, ABS Mastersmith and his wife Nancy, along with Joe Keeslar, ABS Mastersmith and his wife Suzanne, were invited to attend the 30th Year Anniversary Celebration of the opening of the Museum.

Jay took this knife along with other Moran memorabilia to
Switzerland where a beautiful display was built that housed the various items for twelve months. Both Jay and Joe gave blade forging demonstrations and also met six of the original bladesmiths that Bill had taught.

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