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Rexorth A15VSO Hydraulic Pump:Perfect Hydraulic Pump

Rexorth A15VSO Hydraulic Pump:

The Rexroth A15VSO hydraulic pump is built for harsh environments and high pressures. It is suitable for many applications, including hydraulic systems in construction equipment and farming equipment.

The Rexroth A15VSO hydraulic pump features a single-stage design with a flow rate of 20 l/min at pressure levels up to 3000 bar (43,560 psi). The unit comes with an automatic bypass valve that protects it against overloading. This allows the pump to continue operating even when there's a sudden loss of pressure in the system it's running on.

The Rexroth A15VSO hydraulic pump has a high power-to-weight ratio, which makes it a great choice for applications where weight is an issue. It also has high efficiency ratings, making it one of the most efficient pumps available today.

Product Detail:

The Rexroth A15VSO hydraulic pump is a component of the hydraulic system for mobile machinery. It converts the rotary motion of the drive shaft into a reciprocating motion to operate the hydraulic valves. The pump is used in mobile machinery such as excavators, loaders and forklifts.

The Rexroth A15VSO hydraulic pump uses a planetary gearbox with an integrated oil pump. The gearbox has three sun gears and one ring gear, all made of hardened steel. The planetary gears are supported by steel ball bearings and mounted on a hardened steel carrier ring. The oil pump consists of an oil-tight housing with an integrated bearing support system and an oil filter element in series with the planetary gears. The housing features a cooling fan that ensures optimal cooling of the fluid while preventing dust contamination by blowing outside air over the pump.

Technical Data:

The Rexroth A15VSO Hydraulic Pump, the most powerful and compact hydraulic pump of its type on the market, is an ideal solution for use in a wide range of applications. This hydraulic pump is designed to handle high pressure and flow rates with up to 90 bar of static pressure and 1400 l/min (50 US gpm) flow rate. It features a compact design that offers easy installation in tight spaces. The Rexroth A15VSO Hydraulic Pump also has a high efficiency rating of 94% which means less energy consumption and lower operating costs over time. It also comes with a maintenance-free sliding vane rotor seal design so there is no need for regular maintenance or replacement parts. The Rexroth A15VSO Hydraulic Pump comes in both single acting (1-way) and double acting (2-way) configurations so it can be used in either direction.



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